Bisexual Tyrant hits Beirut!

We’ve got several shows lined up in Beirut this August! We LOVE LEBANON! See you there habibis!


IMG_9222 (1)


Bi TYRANT at Bowery Electric NYC

hole mole. this show was epic. we went nuts and so did the kids. Lipstick was destroyed. Melania was freed. CLothes were removed. Nipples were freed. By the way – which – of course we don’t post nude photos to avoid creepy internet trolls (CIT’s) and we thank our considerate fans for obeying our no-posting-nude-photographs-of-us-onstage rule. (We keep our show sacred to those who come to it!) Thank you to the fans who took these photos and shared directly with us!  Keep away, CIT’s!

1/20 Bi TYRANT’s Inauguration Protest at Freddy’s Backroom BK

So much news! We rocked The Saint in Asbury Park NJ, Substation in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, and at legendary punk club Le Voyeur in Olympia this winter! Our record is available in store for purchase at Light In The Attic Records in KEXP’s headquarters. Dear Seattle, we are happy to share that our new record, Bisexual Tyrant, AND our sister band, the Dot Wiggin Band‘s record Ready! Get! Go! are available in vinyl LPs, a vinyl 7″ single “My Favorite Record” and on CD, for sale at the Light In The Attic Records in-store facade in downtown Seattle at the KEXP radio headquarters at 472 1st Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. A limited number of records from Brittany’s personal collection are on consignment for the public. Also for sale are the new Foot Foot T-Shirts, which we rocked onstage last month at the Bi TYRANT show at Substation in Ballard with our homies the Dead Sonics, and shared a ragin half naked jam session with the cats from The GOOD.

Thanks to Bobby Bunny for creating this incredible bill at the Legion Bar in Brooklyn last October and to Malcolm Tent of Ultrabunny for recording and broadcasting this crazy show live on! Our buddy Eric Mahle got naked, we moshed, we pulled Donald Trump out of our Uterus and ripped him to shreds (this was recorded just after the debate in which he made comments about tearing babies limb bi limb), so we killed him as commanded on our single Death To Pigs, then died many cold memorable deaths on the tile floors of Legion Bar in reiteration release catharsis. Oh! And on top of all that we spontaneously cover It’s Halloween by The Shaggs! With Bi TYRANT‘s own Laura Cromwell Valerie Vetere Jackie Lation! The night was completed by the kickass bashing drum fire of Dana Cataldo and TRIM!  You can hear it all here. Come join us January 20th at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom for our neighborhood protest show before we leave to march in DC on 1/21.

Listen here:


Our show at Trans-Pecos in Bushwick Brooklyn with Cleric, Vomit Fist, and the Ron Anderson Trio on January 5th:

Our return show in Asbury Park at the Asbury Park Yacht Club 2/26:


After our Anti-Inaugural ACLU fundraiser show at Rubulad in Brooklyn on 1/19 with NYC Burlesque legends Tigger Boylesque and Julie Atlas Muz!!


Our Anti-Inaugural show on 1/20 at Freddy’s Backroom in Brooklyn benefit for Planned Parenthood:


Bi TYRANT Nov. 3rd at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

Hey little Tyrants, we are playing an incredible showcase of all female artists tomorrow night, Thursday Nov. 3rd, 2016 at 11:30pm at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. Here’s the deets:

HEAR ME ROAR * All-Female Rock Showcase, Post-Halloween Party THU., NOV. 3rd at THE SAINT. Costume attire encouraged, get wild, men go femme! feat. Tara Dente, Bone and Marrow, Emily Grove,ILA MINORI, Girl, JANE + BI TYRANT! Hear Me Roar is a feminist, activist performance series uniting female musicians and spoken word artists with vision to create a community of female artists across the country.

7:30 – Tara Dente
8:10 – Bone and Marrow
8:50 – Emily Grove
9:30 – ILA MINORI (San Antonio, TX)
10:10 – Girl
10:45 – JANE (Brooklyn / Asbury)
11:30 – BI TYRANT (Brooklyn)

Bi TYRANT @ Legion Bar BK Oct. 22nd

Bi TYRANT is writing/performance soul food because:
1) I roll around the floor every show. in overalls. purely in hopes that my friends stop inviting me to their weddings. #sweaty
2) Rich Bennett aka Valerie Vetere shreds guitar in heels and sparkly magenta 80s prom dresses and sounds like a friendly bear (wink wink tim byrnes #theFriendlyBears)
3) Adam Bomb in pigtails + the orange prison jumpsuit he’s had since high school #minkypuffs
4) i tell completely unrelated stories about impressing my high school crush while trying to get good grades, the horror of shopping, domestic violence and montana homicides while rolling around onstage, all in one song #crush #AisforAnxious #RenAndStimpy
5) Jackie Lation #JackieLation
6) every show we chant vagina 70 times followed by a manual of how not to touch a vagina via compositional device in the style of the Shaggs (thanks to our Shaggs banana bike training with Dot Wiggin) #vaginabike
7) every show we chant “I am a uterus” 20 times as a compositional device born from free jazz metal improvisation combined with political song storytelling with the intent to remove and end the patriarchy induced stigma and negative societal shaming of human beings who are in need of/have had abortions #shoutyourabortion
8) every show we cut off donald trump’s dick with a chapman stick, tell him he doesn’t deserve to have one #fuckdonaldtrump
9) we ask why when erections fail #impotenceofbeingearnest
10) Laura Crimewell because Laura m**f**ing Crimewell!
We play Saturday October 22nd 10pm at Legion Bar in Williamsburg with Ultrabunny and Trim. If Cinderella went to the ball as G.G. Allin and turned into a female pumpkin with identity issues at the stroke of midnight, Bi TYRANT would be the MC.